Financially Speaking, There's Really Only Two Types of Doctor

Financially speaking, there's really only two types of surgeon - you can slice and dice it into a lot more sub-categories, but there's really only two - simply, those that have achieved financial success, and those that still struggle.

And the amount of income, either through life or just in the peak years, has little or even nothing at all to do with it: its not the input side that makes the main difference.

My top observation over the years has been this: the trajectory that's ended the doctor up in whichever of those two camps, it started very early - it was largely in place after the first two - three years of initial earnings.

And although the Doctor themselves took personal responsibility (and hence credit) for that trajectory, it invariably involved good accounting advice based on their financials at least yearly, if not quarterly. Find an accounting specialist that will help you achieve what you should achieve in finances.

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