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Becoming financially well-organised in life with a clear path ahead leads to personal freedom and professional excellence

Figures to base life decisions on: correct structuring and tax treatments protect and grow enduring wealth

Life changes and so do the rules; up-to-the-minute advice accelerates your trajectory




Financial success means freedom to contribute: make your mark!






Doctor Financials is a trusted nationwide provider of tailored accounting services and lifetime wealth creation advice. We're behind some of New Zealand's most successful surgical and medical practices with over $100 million of revenue and expense movements expertly processed through our systems each year.

A team of qualified accountants and experienced professionals who have a dedicated focus on the medical sector, in particular surgeons and doctors in practice who share our passion for cultivating financial success as underpinning a life worth living.

Being higher income earners, taxes can take the first 33 - 39% of a doctor's earnings - if there's not a solid taxation strategy in place. 'Personal' costs such as accommodation, transport, investment, debt and growth can take away another 30 - 40% with as low as 20% left over.

Legal accounting strategies that lower taxable income, reduce overall tax rates, and utilise available tax deductions and credits dramatically increase the left over portion available to the Practice and to the Doctor. Using court-tested, IRD approved and best practice techniques means an audit-proof strategy that gives guaranteed, enduring results.

Having a bespoke taxation plan that goes beyond generalist basics, that lowers or eliminates unnecessary liabilities, and which is administered by medicine industry financial experts is what lets you keep more of what you work for, laying a powerful basis for financial independence and success.

Year-round care, not just an annual checkup; specialist considerations, not general low income earner routines; a focus on the individual not the general; repeatable and reliable not speculative and risky; and tax saving advice, not just tax owing.


Doctor Financials is a full-service practice providing all three sides of the Practice triangle:  Up to date bookkeeping/records; Accounting/taxation minimisation and proactive forward tax planning; and forward looking cash forecasting vCFO/Advisory. Acknowledging that no two lives are the same, our overall service to each client is tailored from a comprehensive menu of specialist and routine offerings as follows.

Foundational Housekeeping.


offerings include:


Good advice starts with accurate data. Some of NZ's top data specialists will help catch you up then will keep you up to the minute, providing a basis for all the other essential functions to run smoothly.

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Under control HR and payroll is essential to the smooth running of any practice. Available as fully managed, fully controlled or a mix to suit your situation and ensure compliance and team satisfaction.

Practice Management

Free up your time to do what you were trained to do and get your financial reputation back. A/P, A/R and general back-office functions are kept accurate, up to date and visible regardless of workload.


Keep what's Yours.

Routine offerings include:


Accurate and timely ongoing management reporting that's interpreted and succinct provides the basis for financial control and up-to-the-minute visibility for good day to day decision making. 

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Medicine is unique for providing opportunities for legal tax minimization strategies that specialist advisors will implement for you. Utilize the Tax Act as a road map not a road block, and don't leave them a tip.

Tax planning

Comparisons are odious, but they can also be revealing. Benchmarking by specialty and even by procedure can direct you to both the upsides and downsides of where the opportunities lie awaiting.

Free cash

Being able to see ahead gives breathing space to life and smooths the bumps in the road. Whether for financial or personal reassurance, free cash figures give confidence to invest and move forward.


Annual financials presented in a format to suit the user and the purpose. This includes assurance items to suit your situation such as ACC efficiencies for individuals and anti-fraud checks for practices.


Keeping accurate and up to date records is the only way to keep filing obligations constantly met. From coding to lodging, your financial matters will be kept compliant and below the enforcement radar.

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And more

To get through life successfully, everyone needs the friendly face of an expert mentor from time to time. Confidential on-demand 'sounding board' availability is included in every package.


Get Great Advice. Specialist expertise offerings include:

Practice Setup & Buy-in/out

Financing assistance, appraisals based on NZ's most extensive database and advice from experts who have seen it all before will smooth your path into the most major professional life milestone there is.

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Lifetime Wealth

Lifetime Wealth Planning assists in wise choices from course selection to retirement and in-between. From formal Family Office tools to informal chats, confidential expertise is available to suit. 

Practice Review

Turbulent times or smooth sailing both present an opportunity to review entity health and give confidence that the best is being done, that protection is is place and that financial performance will endure. 


Your success depends on what patients don't see just as much as what they do. Protection, tax efficiency and flexibility come from a personalised structure that takes into account your unique approach and goals.

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Whether for practice management or personal planning, technology offers overwhelming choices. An experienced expert who understands your situation and options façade will help you choose and optimize. 


Risk management and good governance planning is the only way to a no-surprises outcome. Someone in your corner to assist with unravelling the options ensures predictable outcomes where it counts.

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And more

Timely access to grey-headed advice smooths the paths to financial freedom and beyond. When you need advice and support from an expert with experience and a wide perspective, we're on hand.

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Trusted by medical professionals nationwide including those from



Case Studies selection

Situation: Provincial centre established multi-partnered practice


Type: Current practice buy-in


Brief: Practice Buy-in including an Appraisal and Structure Plan

Result: Successful transition, updated structure with modernised & streamlined Shareholders Agreement for five Partner practice

Situation: Marinoto Clinic Surgical Specialist

Type: Taxation re-organisation


Brief: 'routine' accounting client transitioned over from central city general accounting practice

Result: One minor commercially orientated structure change with retrospective financial review corrections and tax management plan led to $16.5k of repeatable recurring annual tax savings in first year alone

Situation: MercyAscot-based specialist centre 'centre of excellence'

Type: New practice creation


Brief: Practice start-up relying on bank and external investor finance

Result: Structuring resulted in 100% of equity and therefore future profits being retained in practitioners hands, bank interest at discount and breakeven achieved in month two validating financiers confidence and Doctor Financials specialty -specific benchmarked projections

Testimonials selection

*Positions, quotes are verbatim but Images are token

Head shot portrait smiling mature doctor holding stethoscope looking at camera, happy conf


More of a coach than an accountant. Understandable, reliable advice, Plus you're keeping my financial advisor honest!


Medical Specialist, Dunedin

Head shot of man smiling.jpg


I wish I was getting reporting and support like this years ago, since the beginning of my career. The modelling that comes with your books lets you see ahead!


Sub-specialty Plastic Surgeon, North Shore Private Practice

Head shot portrait confident Indian businesswoman hr manager standing in modern office wit


Doctor Financials are very good. They make the complex simple and they get down to the nitty gritty quickly. We get the figures and help we need, without being buried in data.


Consulting Gynecologist, Ascot Central and others

Partner-Coordinator for accepting assignments

Gary Bishop

Surgical & Medical Practice Accountant, Structuring Consultant & Director at Doctor Financials

Please be aware if phoning that Gary uses high-powered hearing assistance

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